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  • Ministry of Health and Welfare (2010~)
  • Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs (2008~2010)
  • Ministry of Health and Welfare(1994~2008)
  • Ministry of Health and Social Affairs(1955~1994)
  • Ministry of Health(1949~1955)
  • Ministry of Social Affairs(1948~1955)
Minster for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs (2008~2010)
Grounding law(Promulgation dateㆍNo. of Act)
2008.2.29(Executive Order the 20679nd)

2008.3.3(Ministry of Health and Welfare´s Order the 1st)
  • The Government Organization Act was revised to strengthen future planning functions and make the government more flexible and creative through the efficient re-alignment of government functions (in effect from February 29, 2008). Under the law, family and child care work of the National Youth Commission and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, and the work of the Ministry of Planning and Budget and the Headquarters on Measures for Bipolarization and Livelihood was transferred to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Following is the organization of the Ministry and its affiliated agencies, the scope of duties, and the number of staff, that reflect changes from the integration.
    • - A spokesperson and a policy advisor will be appointed to aide the Minister of Health and Welfare.
    • - The Ministry of Health and Welfare will have the Inspector General, General Services Division, Office for Planning and Coordination, Office for Healthcare Policy, Office for Chid and Youth Policy, Bureau of Health Policy, Bureau of Health Industry Policy, Bureau of Aging Society and Population Policy, Bureau of Policy for Persons with Disabilities, and as a temporary organization, the Bureau of the Establishment of Life Science Complex.
    • - The number of staff of the Ministry of Health and Welfare will be 813 and the number of staff of affiliated organizations including Seoul Mental Hospital will be 2,808.
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